Shrimp fishing on the Wadden Sea

What will we be doing?
TX20-Captain Herman or Captain of the TX10 Frido will take you out for a fishing excursion on the Wadden Sea.
Shortly after leaving the port in Oudeschild, we’ll cast out our nets

What will we catch?
We are fishing for shrimp. But many other animals will end up in the net as well. Crabs, starfish, gurnards, weevers, flatfish and maybe even a dogfish or two.

What will we do with our unexpected catch?
It will go into troughs on the deck.
In one-of-a-kind, true Texel style, the captain will tell you all about the creatures caught that day. It’s a guaranteed good time!
But also highly educational for young and old alike.
Then, with the children’s help, we’ll return our by-catch to the sea.

And the shrimp?
They’ll go straight into a big cooking pot.
The captain will show you how to peel them like a pro. Then you can taste a shrimp or two (or ten) for yourself. You’ve never had them this fresh!

And if the weather’s less than perfect?
We will set sail even if the weather is a bit foul. The windier the day, the greater the adventure.
It’s Deadliest Catch, Texel-style! Only a severe storm can keep us at the dock. Rain? No problem! Pop on a raincoat and then warm up by the heater in the galley afterwards. Mist or drizzle? That’s when the wad mudflats are at their most beautiful (and peaceful).

Will we see any seals?
Maybe. There are no guarantees: these days, the sandbanks where the seals tend to snooze are further from the coast.

Is your heart absolutely set on seal-watching?
Give us a ring on +31 (0)65 149 8614 to discuss the possibilities.

How long is the trip?
Each cruise lasts approx. 2 hours.

When do we set sail?
From april 1 to November 1, Mon. through Sat. (10:30 and 14:00). From November 1 to april 1, Wed. and Sat. 12.00 (Every day during holiday periods).

How much does it cost?
13 and up € 20,- p.p.
Children ages 3-12, €15.00 p.p.
Children ages 0-2, free

Buy your tickets direct online

Due to the Corona measures you cannot book online yet.
For info call: TX10: Frido Boom: +31 (0) 6 514 98 614 or TX20: Herman Blom: +31 (0) 6 515 28 174